MEDAC Parking Garage – North Augusta, SC

MEDAC Parking Garage – North Augusta, SC


City of North Augusta, SC




Four-level, 599 spaces; 210,036 GSF




North Augusta, South Carolina

Parking Garage No. 1 for the City of North Augusta, SC was completed in the summer of 2015.  The project was designed, constructed and developed by SPS for the City. There were many challenges faced in the creation of this facility. The first being timing, a private developer was building a major office building adjacent to our site and the City had agreed to provide the parking needed to support this occupancy. Since the other development had already commenced our team was charged with the design and construction of these four tiers, 599-space garage in less than a year in time for the adjacent building’s occupancy.

Our second challenge was the site itself which was basically the sloping face of a cliff with existing grades sloping in excess of 50 feet from one corner to the other.  To accomplish this design a substantial soil-nail retaining wall had  to  be  developed  on  three sides of the garage.  This technology allowed us to excavate down a little at a time and build the retaining wall as we dropped.  This approach was necessary due to the site having a City street on each end and the developing office building only 40 feet away on another face.  A major benefit however, of working with a site such as this was our ability to create multiple vehicular egress points at different tier levels which expedites loading and unloading operations.

Once sitework was commenced our last major challenge was encountered. This site had previously been used as a disposal area for a closed brick factory in this area and  we  discovered  multiple water springs as the site was dug out.   More than 932 truckloads of debris were removed from the site and a substantial water collection system had to be designed and constructed as the work progressed, putting that much more pressure on the design/ construction team to complete this project on time. The team was able to make up lost time through the efficient delivery and erection of the precast garage components as well as the expeditious trim out requirements by the General Contractor.  The project successfully completed on time and ready for the first occupants of the adjacent office building.